Gun restriction vote

NC_lv50fweb_1500x845Washington, D.C. (NBC News) — Just days after the Orlando shooting, the Senate’s expected to vote Monday on whether to move forward to a vote on gun control.

And there’s already talk in Washington that this may be going nowhere. “I truly hope that Senators rise to the moment and do the right thing,” said President Barack Obama

The Senate is set to vote Monday on bills that would notify, delay or even block sales to terror suspects. “If you’re on the no fly list, that you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun,” said Senator James Risch, (R) Idaho.

But first, Republicans want to make sure innocent people have a chance to get off terror watch lists. “You just can’t have a secret list prepared by secret people that denies someone their constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” said Senator Jeff Sessions, (R) Alabama.

“That database essentially yields about 250 names a year, that’s essentially it,” said Dianne Feinstein, (D) California.

There’s new evidence that the Orlando suspect was on Facebook pledging allegiance to ISIS during the shooting. “Is going after the second amendment how you stop terrorism? NO! That is not how you stop terrorism,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, (R) Wisconsin.

“We should be taking up legislation next week to prevent ISIS terrorists from using U.S. passports to come to America.” Senator Ted Cruz/ (R) Texas

It’s spilling over into the presidential campaign. “I’m gonna save your second amendment, folks. I’m gonna save your second amendment. Totally.” Donald Trump/ (R) Presidential Candidate

He blames president Obama for what happened in Orlando. So did john McCain. McCain first said the President was “directly responsible.” Then he added that the failure to contain ISIS has led to attacks here and in Europe.

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