Jackson County Sheriff’s Office employees needed

Jackson County, Ore. — About 500 jobs in law enforcement are expected to open up in the next year, and that number is expected to double over the next three years.

Now local agencies are hoping qualified candidates will step up.

Many law enforcement employees with tier one PERS have recently become eligible to retire.

Now, we’re seeing the impacts of so many leaving law enforcement here in Southern Oregon, but also throughout the state.

“We hope to be fully staffed so that we can provide the best service possible to our community,” Sergeant Julie Denney with Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said.

With hundreds of law enforcement employees retiring in recent years, there is a huge need to fill positions across Oregon.

“What we’re running into are people that truly started in the 80s and they’re at the end of their years of service,” Eriks Gabliks with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training said.

Eriks Gabliks with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training says more than 400 law enforcement workers retired last year throughout the state.

This year, that number is expected to rise to 500.

“So these men and women have worked for 25 plus years and they’re getting ready to retire,” Gabliks said.

Locally, Sergeant Julie Denney says Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has seen quite a few retirements the last couple of years.

She says people are applying, but the number of people interested has declined and it takes a lot of time to get someone officially hired.

“When somebody retires or resigns, they can give notice for a few weeks or a few months, but by the time it takes to hire a new person — to train them and get them ready to be out on the road or working in the jail — it can take up to two years,” Sgt. Denney said.

Sergeant Denney says a job in law enforcement may be demanding, but its also rewarding with many opportunities.

“Since I’ve worked at the sheriff’s office I’ve been a deputy, I’ve been a detective, I’ve been a patrol sergeant, and I’m now an administrative sergeant and PIO,” Sgt. Denney said.

Right now, JCSO has openings for deputies with experience, a sergeant, and court security.

Sergeant Denney says the sheriff’s office is looking for candidates with good moral character and a passion to serve.

Knowledge of the area is always a positive.

“It’s always good to have someone who’s familiar with the community. Not just for the geography, but understanding the people. There are a lot of different people who live here… We have a lot of cities, we have a lot of rural areas, so being able to understand our community is very helpful,”Sgt. Denney said.

To apply, you can visit the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office website.

Positions with other agencies can be found on oregonpolicejobs.com

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