Father of 18-Month-Old Boy Speaks Out

Kevin Brewer has been unable to eat, drink, or sleep.

He said he is shaking from all the stress

“I haven’t been able to stop,” said Brewer as he showed NBC 5 News pictures of his son on his cell phone.

Brewer said he’s still in shock after learning the condition of his little boy – 18-month-old Cayden.

The toddler was airlifted to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland last week.

“I hope justice is served,” Brewer said.

What Police Are Saying

27-year-old Matthew Hyrup was arrested and charged with unlawful sexual penetration and assault.

According to police, Hyrup repeatedly beat his you stepson Cayden, and even penetrated him with either his body part or a foreign object.

Putting Faith in the Justice System

Brewer said he doesn’t claim to know Hyrup’s innocence or guilt; but he’s putting his faith in the justice system.

“If he did do it, I hope the courts do their job,” he said.

Brewer said he and Stephanie Hyrup, the boy’s mother, were together for three years before they broke up last march. He said he’s only heard a little about Matthew Hyrup.

“He’s pretty well known for being basically a little gangster,” began Brewer. “The people that I know that know him are the people we try to stay away from,” he continued.

Hyrup was previously convicted of driving under the influence, driving suspended, unlawful use of a firearm and possession of meth.

Aside from the allegations against Hyrup, Brewer just wants his son to be healthy again.

“The body never forgets.”

Brewer said he hopes 18-month-old Cayden is too young to remember any of it, but experts at the Childrens Advocacy Center say trauma is long lasting.

“Some people think because you can’t remember it that it didn’t happen, but the body never forgets,” said Marlene Mish, Executive Director at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Medford.

Meantime, Kevin Brewer is waiting on pins and needles for his son to slowly recover from his injuries.

Brewer said his ex-wife has a no-contact order against him, so he’s unable to visit his child.

18-Month-Old Doing Well

However, there is some good news, little Cayden is progressing well. At last check, he’s in fair condition. It was upgraded from serious condition.

As for Matthew Hyrup, we spoke with his parents on Saturday.

They told NBC 5 News they don’t believe the allegations.

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