New law will let bicyclists roll through stop signs

MEDFORD, Ore. — Most people have heard of a California or rolling stop, but now a new law inspired by a neighboring state is coming to Oregon.

Starting in 2020, bicyclists will be allowed to treat stop signs as yield signs, it’s commonly called an Idaho stop.

It passed through the Oregon legislature back in June and was signed into law by the governor in August.

Currently, bikers have to come to a complete stop at intersections with stop signs or flashing red lights, even when there are no cars present. Starting January 1st, they’ll be able to go through slowly, as long as there’s no right-of-way traffic.

“As long it’s safe enough and there’s no other right-of-way traffic that’s already at the intersection, it’s definitely a convenience to be able to carefully and cautiously roll through the intersection without having to come to a complete stop,” said Alex Hayes, owner of Cycle Sport in Medford.

Some people who oppose the law worry that some bicyclists’ safety may be at risk with the change. Supporters say since it only applies when other traffic isn’t around, it’ll make riding in more rural areas a little smoother.

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