Phoenix man saves motorcycles moments before building burns down

PHOENIX. Ore. – A Phoenix man ran into a burning shop to save motorcycles. He said he did it right after he lost everything to the Almeda Fire.

Scott Flick says he’s lived in the Rogue Valley since he was 8 years old. He was devastated to watch his community burn and says helping one Phoenix business owner was the least he could do.

“I guess it was the thought of me just losing mine. I just thought it was wrong to let those bikes burn,” said Flick.

Flick first heard about a fire in Ashland from his neighbor, but he didn’t know the magnitude of what was to come.

“They asked me I thought anything was gonna burn and I said no there’s nothing gonna burn there,” said Flick.

Hours later he headed back home to Phoenix, but the roads were closed. He ditched his car, hopped on his bike, and came across a tragic scene

“My place was completely burned and the neighbors were completely burned,” said Flick.

As winds picked up speed the fire came with it. He watched the fire swallow the D and S Harley. As the flames started making their way towards Oregon Motorcycle Adventures KTM, Flick, a motorcycle rider, says he couldn’t just stand by.

“I tried to rip the inner door handle off, but I couldn’t get it off from the outside so I had to step inside and rip it off,” said Flick.

OMA-KTM owner, Jeff Moffett said Flick was able to save 9 bikes.

“When they told me that a guy broke into the store and saved the motorcycles I had a really good idea of who it was,” said Moffett.

Though Flick lost most everything he owns, he’s keeping his spirits up.

“You gotta focus on the little good there is because that’s all there is,” said Flick.

But he says the possessions he’ll miss most are the very ones he faced flames to save:

“I miss riding motorcycles bad. I get choked up every time about my best friend burnt. You can almost see it from here,” said Flick.

Flick has a GoFundMe set up, in order to rebuild after the fire. If interested click HERE to donate.

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