Local woman invites actor Keanu Reeves to charity gala

Ashland, Ore. — Last fall NBC5 News told you about a Rogue Valley photographer who rode her motorcycle 10,000 miles around the US. Lauren Trantham partnered with the Rebecca Bender Initiative, raising money while taking photos of sex trafficking survivors along the way. Next month, her work will be on display at the organization’s first-ever gala. The only problem, she still needs a date, and she’s put together a creative YouTube video to ask her prospective plus 1.

“We decided to go with a theme of sort of a John Wick slash Matrix style so we went off of Keanu’s movies,” Lauren Trantham says,

That’s right Keanu, Lauren Trantham needs a plus one, and she’s got her eye on you.

“I know he’s a celebrity who is really into philanthropy and motorcycles,” Trantham says.

It’s a lofty goal. You see, the A-lister isn’t even on social media.

“Well I think the whole nature of these proposal videos when a regular person asks a celebrity on a date it has to go viral so we really need people to share the video and get the word out, and then hopefully someone who knows him will go “Keanu, you have to check out this video”.

Regardless, Trantham hopes the buzz and excitement over her action packed proposal generates even more support for a cause that is now near and dear to her heart.

“To continue building awareness for the fight against human trafficking,” Trantham says, “and if Keanu says yes it will just be a little added bonus.”

We attempted to reach out to Keanu’s publicist but have yet to hear back. To see the full video click HERE and then share it with the hashtag: #OperationKeanu.

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