Annual chimney inspection reminder to prevent flue fires

As temperatures drop, you might be using your fireplace more often. NBC5 News spoke with Rural Metro Fire Operations Chief, Austin Prince, about how chimney and wood stove owners can help prevent flue fires.

Prince says the flue, the long duct that lines the inside of your chimney can catch fire due to build-up over time. If there is any separation or holes inside the flue chase, Prince says that a flue fire can easily spread to your attic or walls. He also says to have a licensed inspector do an annual cleaning and make sure that your flue is properly installed.

You don’t really know sometimes if you have a problem until it’s too late. But if you have it inspected in advance, that’s always a good thing to try and catch something before it becomes an issue.

If there are any blockages in your flue and smoke is unable to exit, Prince says this can easily lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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