Tree crashes into man’s home in Wolf Creek

WOLF CREEK, Ore. – A tree came crashing down right on top of a man’s mobile home in Wolf Creek.

75-year-old, Ed Older was enjoying a good night’s rest when at around 5 a.m. he had a rude awakening.

Ed Older walked through the wreckage, “we was here 16 years in this house, it’s bad in this side. Here’s the other part of it.”

An oak tree that stood in the backyard of Ed’s home had split at the trunk and crashed down into his living room.

Ed Older said, “and I just heard it… and all of a sudden, I heard a crash on the roof. It started shaking the house and it went down.”

It landed on top of windows and his AC unit.

He says he was lucky it didn’t land in his bedroom.

He also said he’s seen similar accidents but didn’t think it would happen to him.

Ed Older said, “I didn’t expect this. It started splitting and I think it just rotted away just rotten. Oak trees do that, they have a tendency to rot right in the middle like that.”

Ed says he’s not giving up on the house because it has a lot of history for him.

He has lived in Wolf Creek all his life and this mobile home was the home he moved into with his late wife.

Ed Older walked into a room in his home, “This is my wife’s painting room… This is my wife’s room with all her paintings that she had.”

He tells me that he hasn’t touched the painting room since she passed and was glad it was unscathed.

Ed also says he doesn’t have homeowner’s insurance but says he’s optimistic that he can find help to repair his home.

He said, “you can’t be down on it, it happens. Things happen like this. One day at a time. You take one day at a time because you don’t know what’s going to happen the next day.”

Ed’s stepson in Washington has started a GoFundMe for Ed’s repair expenses, you can find it here.


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